Performance Coaching for Business Organizations | Life Coaching for Individuals
What is Performance Coaching?

Performance Coaching is a synergetic process where one person (usually a certified coach) facilitates the development and action planning of another (client, in this case in corporate/ workplace setting), so that the client can bring about changes in the way they conduct behavioral aspects that are relevant to the worklife.

Performance Coaching is not advice giving and does not involve the coach sharing their experience or opinions. Performance Coaching helps you move forward at your pace within an equal and trusting relationship.

Coaching is becoming widespread in our organizations; in Toyota every manager has a coach, which often is another manager within the organization exhibiting some form of lean management. Work ethics and end product of Toyota is a live example of how effective coaching can be and what value is brings to an organization and to those that it serves.

..and Life Coaching?

Life-Coaching is an engagement process between a certified coach and a client (such as yourself) to tap into the potential of the client knowing their structure of mind, beliefs, core values and many more factors.

A client engages with the coach in multiple sessions of face to face or phone/ video communications and the coach tries to unfold the step by step process to bring you to a path that leads you to your destination more directly than before.

What about BINARY GURU?

BINARY GURU is brand name for performance & leadership coaching for organizations and life coaching services for individuals launched by Sudeep Chandra, a veteran in the information technology industry with a consulting experience of over a couple decades in working in software development, management and licensed EUREX trader in top financial services firms and other corporations in the Greater Chicago Area.

BINARY GURU provides performance coaching to corporate setups with focus on information technology and trading verticals within corporations. This will typically involve a sponsoring client (an agent in the client corporation who initiates the process) and several managers/ client (people in the same organization designated by the sponsoring agent) whose performance is to be tuned up. The coach owes fiduciary resposibilities to the sponsoring agent in the client organization.

BINARY GURU provides life coaching to individuals from all walks of life. Culturally competent and naturally gifted, Coach Sudeep Chandra will provide great insight into how life can be brought to a track that is most beneficial and not just desirable for the person. Sudeep has authored and modelled numerous apps since 2009 that have had the commonality of habit making as the foundation. It is more than likely that you will be satisfied with the coaching received.

Organizations: Performance & Leadership Coaching


Getting Started

Assessment of Client Needs

With sincere intentions to help and creating positive assumptions, both of which are critical to any coaching process is the foundation.

The beginning of any successful coach/client relationship is to understand client’s needs. This will help client develop a shared understanding of the relationship and goals with the coach. It is also useful to prioritize these needs. Establishing priorities and getting everyone on the same page in terms of roles and expectations of each one involved in the coach-client relationship.


Creating Positive Assumptions

Analysing strengths, fears, targets..

Leveraging client's strengths that have led to past success, assessing expected outcome and how the coach can help achieve, analyzing obstacles in way of potential performance, embedded fears, listening to client needs with informed and empathetic approach.


Discover Conditions

Analysing Current & External Conditions..

Some discovery procedures of current conditions will be involved; specifically, team meeting procedures, performance data availability for reporting resources, accountability data, problem solving etc.

External conditions are ones that are substantially beyond the control of the client and analysing the effect of those on the current performance. These could be political conditions, customers, climate, yield curve, treasury rates & economic trends, competitors, natural resources, technological developments, etc.


Future Performance

Set targets for future performance - contract

With some pinpointed milestones of dates and exact expectations, future performance contracts shall be set. This is to make the expectations and results measureable.

future performance

Course of Action

Practise behavior, habits, chaining, re-inforce..

And this is where active coaching is exercised. Habits are formulated for the individual, pinpointed behavior is laid out and various other course of actions are mentioned.


Life Coaching for Individuals

life cycle

Life Coaching helps individuals explore avenues that they are oblivious about. It can come to down right simplistic thought process, but is mostly about proven frameworks that have worked successfully in past.

Life Coaching will not do counselling, advising, consulting or anything of that sorts. A client engages with the coach in multiple sessions of face to face or phone/ video communications and the coach tries to unfold the step by step process to bring you to a path that leads you to your destination more directly than before.:

Life Balance

Assessment of Individual's life areas

The first step is to look into how well balanced are your major areas of life and to find areas that are out of balance/ sync. This will create recommendations and shape the path of the remainder of the process.

life balance

Emotions Discovery

Identify dominating emotion

Your emotions will assessed methodically in this step. Effort will be made to identify the undesired and dominating emotions and to tackle those in your life.


Coaching Goal

Establishing Goals

The next stage is establishing the main coaching goal that they want to work towards and coming into agreement on this. It's important to only focus on on thing at a time. What's the first goal that they want to work towards?


Beliefs Discovery

Find Limiting Beliefs

Purpose of this session is to get clear on what the client's main limiting belief is. What's the main belief holding them back from moving forward and achieving their goals?


Core Identity

Help Client Understand themselves

Helping the client to understand themselves better and the true nature of the problem they're having - that's it's always attached to their identity in some way or another.

A focus on client's view of inner self, various forms of identity that they conform to, etc.


Core Values

Values Elicitation

It's important to help the client get clear on what their core values and priorities are. What is it that's driving them? Helping them to understand this will help them to make wiser choices in line with that they actually want.


The Coach

coach sudeep chandra

Sudeep Chandra is certified for Performance Coaching and Life Coaching. With an experience of over two decades spanning across various fortune companies in Chicago area, he has worked as software development and management consultant at numerous brand names including:

Sudeep is naturally gifted with unsatiated desire to be of help to others. He has authored close to 50 apps published on iTunes and Google Play on applied psychology with specialization in habits and goals.



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